Please send the following items to get me started :

  a FREE ConnectCard pre-loaded with $5 in stored cash value to use on the bus, T or Incline*
  a Pass & Ticket Outlet brochure detailing the locations to re-load my ConnectCard
  a ConnectRewards brochure to learn how my ConnectCard can become a valuable coupon
        redeemable at a variety of local businesses for special discounts and offers
  the On the Move e-newsletter with the latest Pittsburgh Regional Transit news and information

*While supplies last. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. One package per household. Mailings will not be sent to a business address.

Please take a moment to complete the brief survey below. Your feedback will help us improve our program.

First Name     
Last Name    
Apt Name
Apt #
How often do you plan to use Pittsburgh Regional Transit services?


Several times a week

No more than once a week


Are you new to the area or new to transit?

I recently moved to my current residence from outside of Allegheny County.

I resided in Allegheny County but recently moved to a new location.

I live in Allegheny County and am interested in riding transit for the first time.

I reside outside of Allegheny County but have access to Pittsburgh Regional Transit service.

How did you learn about Pittsburgh Regional Transit's "On the Move" program?

I received the brochure in the mail.

I received the brochure from my realtor/local welcome committee.

I received the brochure at an event I recently attended (please list the event).

Event Name:
I read about the program in the play-work-live (pwl) coffee table book.

I picked up a free publication listing local apartments/saw the ad online (please list the publication or website).

Publication and/or Website:

From the list below, which factor has/would influence your decision to begin using Pittsburgh Regional Transit services the most?

It's less hassle/stressful than driving.

It's greener and better for the environment.

It takes me where I need to go faster than driving.

It saves me money (pay less for gas, maintenance, parking, etc.)

Thank you for participating in our survey. The items you've requested will be mailed shortly.