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New to town, or just a new neighborhood

If you haven’t tried transit before, maybe now is the time. Pittsburgh Regional Transit has convenient and frequent service to and from the urban areas of Pittsburgh. Check it out, and make this town your own.
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You CAN get anywhere from here.

You can catch a bus or T to lots of places around Allegheny County. Groceries in the Strip District, take the 86 or 88. For all the flavor of Lawrenceville the 91 works. Nearly all of Pittsburgh Regional Transit's 100 routes travel in and out of Downtown. rideprt.org

North Side

A tunnel UNDER the River. What

Easy access to Downtown, Station Square and the South Hills from two T stops – Allegheny and North Side stations – and from there the possibilities are endless. The 8,13 and 16 run through the heart of the North Side to Downtown. Get almost everywhere else on the 54, which passes through the Strip District, Polish Hill, Bloomfield, Oakland and South Side. rideprt.org

South Side

Carson is key.

Get Downtown on the 48 or 51. Or, catch the T at Station Square to Downtown, North Side or the South Hills. Want to get a glimpse of THAT view? The Mon Incline offers unique service to Mt. Washington and back. The 54 hits the North Side, the Strip District, Polish Hill, Oakland and Bloomfield; and from the South Side Works the 75 goes across town to Shadyside's Ellsworth Avenue. rideprt.org

The Strip District

We got you covered.

If there is something you CAN’T find in the Strip, the 88 will take you to Lawrenceville, Garfield and East Liberty. And a Downtown commute couldn’t be quicker. rideprt.org


Liberty for all.

You can catch the 86, the 64 and the 54 all on Liberty Avenue. For a taste of Downtown or the Strip, you can take the 86 inbound or travel outbound to East Liberty. The 64 will connect you to the bites and brews of Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and The Waterfront. For a crosstown trip, take the 54 to the North Side, the Strip, Polish Hill, Oakland or the happening streets of the South Side. For shopping at Bakery Square, take the 88. rideprt.org


Butler is the bomb.

Experience all the lights of Downtown by taking the 91 inbound on Butler Street through the Strip District; and for movies and burgers at the Waterworks Mall, take the 91 outbound. If you feel like bypassing Downtown, you can take the 93 to Bloomfield, Oakland and Schenley Park or the 54 to North Side and South Side through Oakland. The 64 takes you where you need to be in Bloomfield, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill or The Waterfront. Lastly, for the shops and technology at Bakery Square, take the 88. rideprt.org

Mt. Washington

On top.

Mt. Washington is home to the city's most unique forms of transportation, the Monongahela and Duquesne inclines. Take in the best view of the city on your ride down the Mon Incline to Station Square, and hook up with the T to Downtown and North Side or head south to the South Hills. The 40 will also take you through the residential streets of Mt. Washington to Downtown. rideprt.org

East Liberty

Easy peasy.

East Liberty is the heart of the East End’s transit service. Many Pittsburgh Regional Transit bus routes use the East Busway to bypass local traffic, including the P1 and P3 from East Liberty’s busway station which both offer quick rides to Downtown and Oakland. Various other routes have stops on Penn Ave and serve just about anywhere in the East End of the city. rideprt.org

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